“Having said, I’d rather see developers build kick-ass apps that are well-designed and follow separation of concerns, than see them waste time arguing about MV* nonsense. And for this reason, I hereby declare AngularJS to be MVW framework - Model-View-Whatever. Where Whatever stands for “whatever works for you”.”
“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”
“And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”
Thomas Wayne
“If it looks like advertising, you are doing it wrong”
David Droga fra Droga5

Fuck Niels Egelund

“a healthy disregard for the impossible”
— Larry Page
“Words make the world”

Teknologi-video præsentations video…? That’s how it’s done! ;)

Dallas sportscaster’s response to Michael Sam coming out as gay